Viva la Vida




I’m someone who is constantly (obsessively) planning ahead. Now while I stand by my obsessive planning, because it has not failed me yet and my future looks lit af, I have realized lately that maybe I tend to focus so much on the future that I’m not taking time to enjoy the present. A lot of years are pretty much a blur and while I have no regrets I acknowledge that I could have stopped to smell the roses a little more.

Of course life has paired me with someone who is the complete opposite. My boyfriend is definitely the live in the moment type. If he decides he wants something today he’s probably going to get it tomorrow (which is basically how we ended up together haha!). He doesn’t overthink and he doesn’t like to plan too far in the future which causes some head butting between us because if I want something I need to think about if for a few weeks and then create an execution plan. But being with him forces me to live in the moment and adjust to the present a lot more than I’m used to.

So what’s more important, the present or the future? I don’t believe either way of living is better than the other but I do see the importance of having a good balance of both. If you don’t set an actionable plan for your future you can end up lost and just going through the motions of life or, like him, missing the train in the morning because you waited until you’re on your way to work to refill your metro card. But on the other hand it’s extremely important to live in the present or you can end up blindly moving forward following a plan that may not even work for you anymore or, like me, missing moments because you already had what you would be doing today planned out 6 weeks ago.

So yes, think ahead! Plan out your future and set both short and long term goals for yourself but also enjoy life without over planning each day and each moment. Viva la vida!








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