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I say this like every week but THIS is the week I’m going to get back in the gym. Lately I’ve been so focused on the “breathe” part of my health that I forget to take a few hours out of my week to “stretch”. Of course my recent motivation to take better care of my body comes after breaking my finger a little over a month ago and since my go-to workout is boxing I need to find something else to get my body right while my finger heals over the next couple of months.

Gaiam gifted me a few items that has me totally motivated and ready to commit to a weekly Vinyasa session. This stylish yoga mat is reversible with a pattern on each side, is 5mm thick and is slip free so I don’t have to worry about hurting my bum when sitting in Lotus or my knees when in child’s pose. I used to take a yoga class at least once a week but it’s been a while (and I’m old now) so I’m not as flexible as I used to be. The essential yoga block provides me with support while my flexibility isn’t quite there yet. The no-slip socks give keep my feet from sliding out of place when in warrior. All of this fits comfortably in my All Day Tote Bag which also has a side pocket for my mat!! So much better than cradling a mat in my arms while commuting and knocking people in the head/back/stomach while on the train.

So here’s to holding myself accountable to 8 gym visits in June… and it’s on the blog now so I have to do it.

You can purchase all of these items and more at You won’t regret it!











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