Full Transparency


When I decided to start blogging one of the things I struggled with most was how much I wanted to share. I’m not really a private person, but I’m not always quick to share my ‘feels’. I decided NT would be a creative outlet and a platform for me to create and engage with a community that would cultivate growth for myself and others, but after some reflection, I realized that by not truly opening up I was running away from my community before I even built it and by not embracing my feelings and emotions I was stifling my creativity.

Sure, I was engaged with new people on social media regularly, but I was being a “fake friend” because I wasn’t being my true self. I wasn’t making a blog about me I was making me about blogging. I was pushing myself to do things that were outside of my comfort zone and not in a way that promoted personal growth, but in a way that made me withdrawn, moody AF and emotionally exhausted. Worst of all I wasn’t letting my creativity flow the way it should but was instead forcing content to follow a schedule. I was basically just another random chick on the internet tryna fit into the blogger mold.


I got discouraged and thought about quitting, but my boyfriend told me “You’re not quitting so you need to think about something else.” I was SHOOK. So I took a BIG step back from the blog and social media to re-evaluate and decide what I wanted my voice to be and why I was even doing this in the first place- creativity and community. I thought about the times anyone suggested I write; because they thought others would be interested in reading about who I am not who I’m not. And really, that’s the only thing that makes me different from any other blogger or writer, ME. My unique perspective, my creative vision and my experiences. So the least I could do was give the real me.

So from here on no more forcing meaningless content just for the sake of meeting a goal and no more getting caught up in likes, follows, and what other bloggers are doing. Here’s to less “Here’s where I shop!” and more meaningful, and engaging topics that I hope you can relate to. And more embracing my emotions because that’s where my creativity comes from- how I feel about the world and the things in it. I’m far from a motivational speaker, but I hope that by sharing me, I can spark inspiration in someone. I look forward to you guys truly getting to know me!










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