Hold It Down


There’s no bigger fail than walking down the street in a cute dress or skirt only to have a gust of wind blow your hem above your waist. Whether it’s strong winds or getting caught over a subway grate it has happened to the best of us (some of us more often than others). But now with one of my new favorite fashion hacks I don’t have to give up skirts and dresses on windy days.

DressWeights is a reusable weight that you stick to the inside of your hem to “hold it down” on breezy days. It’s heavy enough to protect your bum but light enough that you forget you’re even wearing them. Just peel, stick, and strut without the fear of giving a free peep show on the sidewalk.

You can purchase your very own dress weights here with code “notorioustye” to get 15% off and free shipping! But hurry because they are almost sold out!!











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