Introverted Blogger?

I’m  an introvert trying to function in a social world and I have asked myself 1000 times over how I can make it as a blogger if I’m not a social person. This industry comes with a lot of social interaction and networking with other influencers and reps can be a huge part of a bloggers success. People have to know you… right?

It’s no big secret that I’m shy and introverted. I’m usually really uncomfortable/ quiet/ awkward in social situations. Even when I’m able to force myself to go out and socialize or go to an industry event my battery usually runs out at the worst possible moment and I completely check out- I might even fall asleep ?! It’s not that I’m not open to meeting and interacting with new people, I certainly want to, it’s just really difficult for me, especially with extroverted people who tend to drain all of my energies.

I’m far past the point where I think of being introverted as a problem that needs to be fixed because there truly is nothing wrong with it, it’s who I am and I own that shit, but when you’re in a social industry (and society in general) it’s only natural to wonder if it’s holding you back. And since I know I can’t change the fact that I’m an introvert, I thought about the reasons why blogging DOES work in my favor.

Online I’m able to come out of my shell more because I’m logging in from the comfort of my own personal space and logging out as I please if I get overwhelmed. Through my platforms I can interact with people that I wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable interacting with and I can do so without all of the overthinking and the awkwardness that usually comes with in person interactions. On my blog and Instagram I can be the me I wish I was in person and my hope is that by getting to know my readers/peers and letting them get to know me online I can build connections that will translate in person. Imma still be awkward, but…










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