My Favorite Black Dresses At the Moment and Where to Wear Them

Whether its for drinks with the girls, date night, or a rare night out hitting my 2-step, if I’m going out I’m running to my closet for a little black dress. I’m pretty basic when it comes to dressing for “going out” and I don’t like to spend half the night looking for an outfit so having about 37 black dresses has made my social life that much easier. Here are my current favorites.

For Happy Hour

When I have happy hour plans I usually try to stick with something that is versatile enough to wear from work, to the bar, to wherever else the evening may take me. Business casual is not really my style so this slip dress is great because I can layer on a jacket for work and take it off after.

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Slip Dress

For Date Night

I’m all about playing with proportions and this dress may be longer than what you may usually wear on romantic date night, but it shows just enough cleavage and just enough leg to still be considered sexy. I actually wore this very dress once for date night and my feedback was “Wow” so I think this one is bae approved.


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Wrap Midi Dress

For the Party (& the After Party)
Let me preface this by saying, I’m old. You will not find me in nobody’s club on your typical weekend. That has not been my scene for a while. But sometimes I have to pop out for a friend’s birfday. This is a perfect party dress because it’s short enough to dance in without being so short that I’m not showing off my goods when the DJ inevitably plays¬†Back That Azz Up¬†(and if (s)he doesn’t why are we even here?)

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Strapless Dress


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