My Favorite Non-Fashion Small Businesses

By now you’re probably tired of me talking about Black owned businesses but yall will be ok ? It’s small business week and I wanted to switch it up a little and highlight some of the non-fashion black owed brands I’ve supported and later in the post some businesses I plan to support soon!

…but if you do want some fashion inspo click here!

McBride Sister’s Wine – I think we all have heard of the McBride Sister’s Black Girl Magic Wine by now. I ordered a case of their wines a few months ago and was happy that it lived up to the hype. The rosé was hands down the best I’ve had in a while if not ever and their sparkling brut is great for making light skinned mimosas!

Jasmine Wade Candles – these candles are everything. Definitely key for your self care rituals. The scent names are clever nods to black culture, the cracking wood wicks make you feel like you’re relaxing in front of a fireplace, and you can actually smell the candles throughout the room they’re burning in. I CAN’T STAND a weak candle.

By Ra Sinclair – I have a dog who has no regard for my fabric couch so the room spray is a must!

PUR Home – I’ve been trying to switch over to more natural cleaning products. PUR Home has some really good options I really love the Oxygen Whitener. I haven’t had to bleach my white clothes since I started using it and it works for colors as well!

The Motherland Plug – I was watching One on One on Netflix when I saw this beautiful mudcloth throw draped over Flex’s sofa and knew I needed something similar. I asked Insta and was told about The Motherland Plug. She is really the plug for your Motherland needs from mudcloth to beauty products.

Vybes Man Kitchen – Listen!!! I ordered dinner and drinks from Tony and was full and sleep by 9pm on a Saturday. He also caters.

Naporje Washington Creative – My favorite photographer. She travels, she styles, she’s a vibe. Book her!

Small businesses I would love to support soon!

The Lit Bar – books and wine? Sounds like a good time!

Nani Nails by Gigi – I don’t usually keep my nails done so when I’m getting ready for a night out or vacation that’s usually the last thing I think about which is exactly why I NEED to get some press ons from Nani Nails. Already done nails that I can just pop on? Sign me up!

Reyna Noriega & Domo Ink – if you follow me on instagram (if not what are you even doing?!) you know I’m all about home decor right now. I got a lot of the big stuff out of the way and have been looking for the perfect art to hang up. The only problem is picking which ones I want because I, unfortunately, can’t have them all. 🙁

Natty Garden – another thing my Insta-fam knows about me is a LOVE plants. So this Brooklyn based nursery is one I’ve been excited to support. I rarely venture out to BK but you can place orders online.

Island Jon – Vodka inspired by the Carribean. Patiently (but not that patient) waiting for this to hit my local liquor store.

Clare – I’ve been thinking about painting my living room and Clare paints is at the top of the list for brands to get swatches from. Their 8×8 swatches that stick to the wall is such a good idea because those tiny cards you get from home depot are the WORST!



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