NYFW Run Down

Unlike my early days in the industry, I had a VERY low key fashion week. The shows were pretty spread throughout the city and since I’m preparing for a big trip and working during the day I decided to keep my attendance limited to nights and weekends. Another thing I did differently is get from in front of the camera so I could get more comfortable behind it. It was really fun (and a tiny bit frustrating ??‍♀️ lol) playing photog and as you’ll see below I have A LOT of practice to do. ? Shooting moving models in rooms where the lighting changed often or was extremely dim was no easy feat, but I’m still gonna share my pics cause damnit I tried ? lmaooo. Hanging out with my photographer friend over the weekend and getting tips from her was very helpful so hopefully next season it’ll be lit lol.

Day 1 – Thursday

I headed to Pier 59 to attend the Stella Nolasco show. The show was dedicated to Puerto Rico, where the designer hails from and where her studio is still to this day being run by a power generator. Many of the models carried Puerto Rican flags and colorful signs with “woke” messages. Although this was her F/W collection, each piece was everything I would want to wear to an evening soiree on an island resort. From all of the colors, textures, and movement, I could tell Puerto Rico was in her heart as she designed. Stella will be auctioning off her a significant part of her collection and donating proceeds to Foundation for Puerto Rico. ??????


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Day 2 – Friday

I popped into the Sherri Hill Show at Gotham Hall. The collection was adult prom goals. After, I went down to the High Line Hotel for drinks at the Fashion Hong Kong after party.


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Day 3 – Saturday

I started my day down at Industria to see the Helen Anthony show. The collection was a textured, unisex wonder. I’m a minimalist at heart, but I wanted all of the printed and colorful menswear inspired pieces. After the show I had lunch nearby with a few friends before going back in for the CAAFD Emerging Designers collective show. I usually don’t enjoy collective shows as they can be on the long side, but I was so thrilled watching the Port Zienna and Ruth Zabetta collections I didn’t want them to end! Both collections spoke to my minimalist heart. Afterwards, I went down to the Lower East side to try a sake bomb. I’m bougie af and hate beer, but it was great!


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Day 4 – Sunday

My day began with me heading down to The Standard to attend a show. I hear the collection was amazing, but I have no idea since about 100 guests, including myself, were turned away as the venue reached capacity. So while waiting for a friend to come down I linked up with some other friends (who also missed the show lol) then grabbed some lunch. I headed down to SoHo for the Philipp Plein pop up opening. Definitely not my scene, and I knew it wouldn’t be because I’m like someone’s grandmother, but I heard Migos would be there so I had to come through. We stayed for all of 10 minutes and I was exhausted. I don’t know how younger Millennials have so much energy.



Day 5 – Tuesday

I wrapped up my fashion week on Tuesday with The Blonds. I hung out backstage and got a sneak peak at the glamorous beauty looks for the show including nails by CND. nails’ Jan Arnold that took TWO MONTHS to design. Once the models headed down for rehearsal, I went down to the studio with the arriving guests who included Lil Kim, Carmen Carrera, Jay Manuel, Miss J Alexander, Nigel Barker (ANTM reunion lol), Olivia Dope, The Clermont Twins and more. I even chatted it up a little with Manic Panic’s Snooky and Tish Bellomo not realizing who they were, even though I had just retouched my hair with Plum Passion the night before. ??‍♀️ As usual Phillipe Blond opened the show rocking bundles on bundles and wearing a Preciosa Crystal Components encrusted catsuit. The inspiration for the collection was “the primeval and eternal conflict of good vs evil as a driving force in art, literature and film” and the models strutted the runway showcasing the collection which told the story of Lucifer becoming a powerful woman. Style icon Daphne Guinness closed the show with a performance of her new single “Riot” wearing a purple studded catsuit and a pair of the most insane boots I’ve seen since Bad Romance.



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