My Favorite Winter To Spring Transitional Pieces

It may not feel like it because Ronatine has us locked up until further notice but spring has arrived! I’ve been thinking about the pieces I’m adding to my wardrobe (for when we can finally go out) but I’m also thinking about the pieces I can transition from winter to spring before the weather gets too warm.


The Shacket

It’s not a shirt, not yet a jacket and its the perfect transitional piece. In the winter you probably wore this with a bunch of layers but in the spring peel some of those off and wear this on top buttoned down or open over a tee.



Sherpa is another layering piece that is perfect to transition to the top as the weather warms.


Heavy Knit Cardigan

Lightweight cardigans are no brainers in the spring but don’t pack up your heavy knits just yet. If you live in an area where it may still be rather cool in early spring you may want to reach for that heavier cardi before heading out. Wear the sleeves rolled up during the day and pull them down as the day cools.


Tall Boots

Man listen, I’m wearing my boots as long as it’s under 70 degrees. Mini dress and boot me, please!




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    Amazing post.. you are pretty good. Thanks for sharing:)

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