Seasonal Blogging (And Depression)

Look107-01.jpegIn the winter you can find me at home. Probably in bed with an attitude or feeling sorry for myself. I tend to fall off the face of the earth in the colder months. The truth is, no matter how much I tried to push myself to go shoot, rsvp to (and actually attend) an event, or catch up with my friends when the day comes I never follow through. I can never seem to find the energy to do ANYTHING. So needless to say I wasn’t even thinking about this blog in the least bit. In fact on one particularly frigid Saturday I decided I would just be a seasonal blogger because there was no way anyone could convince me to get dressed and go out in the cold to shoot a look. Not even for money.

Winter funk is a normal for me- it happens every year without fail and it tends to worsen in the later months when I feel like it should be warm and sunny but Mother Nature is still trippin. When the days are shorter and its cold af of course I want to spend more time at home in bed but WE MAYDE IT!!! Days are longer, the weather is warmer and my mood is a lot better (after 11am at least). I’m still transitioning from my winter woes to full spring serenity so I’m making sure I’m doing all that I can to keep my energies up and my mind clear.


  1. Aromatherapy – essential oils are an easy way to change your mood around. When I want to give myself a mood and energy boost in the morning I use lemon or orange oil. When I want to wind down in the evening I use peppermint or lavender oil. If I want to set the mood for a special someone rose, cinnamon, or bergamot oil is my jam.
  2. Talk about it – I always hated talking about my mental health stuff, but now I find when I open up with the people closest to me they check in on me which makes me feel great to know that someone cares. Usually they have experienced similar feelings and can offer tips for fighting the funk.
  3. Start a new hobby or hone in on an old one – I recently started planting as an attempt to bring spring into my life a little early. I found myself so obsessed with the little gardens I had created and monitoring their growth that I couldn’t focus on much else and all I wanted to do was create new ones. When I wasn’t doing that I was writing and planning future content. It was a great time for creativity and it kept my mind off of the fact that I was only getting about an hour of direct sunlight a day lol.
  4. Take on a big project – On particularly rough days I would think “if I can just get through the day I can sleep all night and it’ll be fine.” I work 9-5 and I had a new hobby to keep me busy after work but I needed something to keep me occupied on the weekends when I wasn’t as busy during the day. So I took on the extended project of purging everything. Literally going through everything I own and getting rid of the unnecessary in an attempt to finally transition to a minimalist lifestyle. I’ll let you know how it goes… if I ever finish lol.
  5. Treat Yo’self – Buy that new pair of shoes, get a mani-pedi for lunch, dress up just because, call out of work and treat yourself to a movie. Remember you can take mental health sick days too!












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