The Everyday Dress Edit

For the last year or so I’ve really been trying to build an effortlessly chic, hard-working wardrobe.

Prior to buying a home, my monthly clothing budget was $0, and prior to saving to buy a home my budget was a mix of H&M and Urban Outfitters prices with a dash of Zara… so not a lot of long-lasting pieces in my wardrobe lol. After I moved and really got to look through my wardrobe I knew I wanted to make some changes. I always wanted a wardrobe in which I could just grab a few things and they always just go together. Putting looks together will always be a favorite pastime of mine but on an average day, I don’t want to be standing in front of my closet for an hour looking for something to wear. So I started to build a wardrobe of staples.

I love dresses. They are so easy and versatile. Most of them can be dressed up or down and in a pinch, it’s an already put-together outfit. Last year I got rid of so many dresses that were pilled beyond repair, stretched out, and twisting so I knew I would have to start investing better quality. Since I was almost starting from scratch I wanted to make sure I was covered with my go-to everyday silhouettes.

Here is an edit of my favorite silhouettes for every day.

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