Time Is Precious!

2308-2018-083352528171187741.jpegWhat are you waiting for?! Time is precious! – Mariah Dillard

Lately life has been sending me little reminders of just how precious my time is. So hearing Mariah scream this during a binge watching session of the 1st half of Luke Cage season 2 almost felt like she was screaming at me ?

2308-2018-083252527470187689.jpeg2308-2018-083252526715055450.jpeg2308-2018-083052525044667065.jpegThe passing of time has been a bit of an anxiety trigger for me. I’m getting closer to 30 and I really ain’t got no time to waste (I know, I know grammar police lol). I’m lucky enough to know what I want to do with my life both personally and professionally and even luckier to be on the right path (I hope) but coming into this year I felt like I had been driving down the same congested highway for too long. Yes, I was driving in the right direction, but instead of waiting for traffic to clear I probably should have gotten off a few exits back to my destination quicker.

Prior to this year I had really been figuring out what I want and now that I have, I want it now, which is silly because I’m just figuring it out. I found myself being a “still” person. I was still working the same job, still living in the same apartment, still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this blog… SO I DECIDED TO CHANGE ALL THAT SHIT! Unfortunately, I can’t just decide something and make it happen the same day (also trigger because I have control issues). Interviewing takes time, moving is taking way too much time 🙁 and quality blog content takes planning which takes time. I can’t help but be frustrated (mostly with myself) at how long I stayed “still” simply because I got so comfortable that I simply didn’t think about how much time I had spent in the same place. So I’ve been wearing my new Jord watch as a daily symbolic reminder not to get so comfortable in the same lane that I stop paying attention to how long I’ve been sitting in traffic.


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